Cloudinary curl request

Hi koders

i need to get this curl from Cloudinary

curl https://<API_KEY>:<API_SECRET><cloud_name>/resources/image/upload/sample?pages=true

Can i send this curl?

I try

but error credential

Help me

You should run it in terminal.

Can i use?

Yes, that’s right.

this block in witch block i use?

You can print the result on a label.

I try but the result is “empty String”

this is curl that i want
curl https://<API_KEY>:<API_SECRET><cloud_name>/resources/image

where am I wrong?

Maybe that command does not return any value.

this is what I have to get

i am sure it should return a json object

If I insert url in a webview I have the answer why not with web?

This is response with webview

can i take data from webview?

May you please provide the link you are using in the webview?

What happens when you use this url with web components? Because it works fine in the browser.

with web component response empy string

Do the test in a empty app, Put a label and a button, do with them, and send logs, it is not possible that the link work with webview but not showing any text in web response.

Withdraw your post as soon as possible.
You should not expose credentials like this.

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You can use webviewer to get response.

Thanks for advice