Cloudsheets ~ Spreadsheets Extension

Spreadsheets Extension

Non-visibla component that provides access to the Google Spreadsheet. You can use this extension to write/read data on spreadsheet. This extension requireds Cloudsheets API Key to perform the actions.

Cloudsheets is a service that let’s you connect your Google Spreadsheet with your android apps, by providing an uique API Key of your spreadsheet. So that you can use it as a database of your app. Click here for more info.


:anchor: Methods & Events Blocks

:anchor: Two New Blocks Added [ Version 4.0 ]

:arrow_down: Download AIX : com.Spreadsheets.aix (15.6 KB) [ Version 3.0 ]
:arrow_down: Download AIX : com.Spreadsheets.aix (16.4 KB) [ Version 4.0 ]

NOTE : In order to use this extension you need a cloudsheet API key. For that you have to ceate your free Cloudsheets account.

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you are :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hi, how can I write data separated by space?


I tried but it doesn’t work

Hey there!
if you have any space in beteen your text then you have to add + sign insted of space or you can also replace the space with %20 to avoid error during uploding/upading your data on your spreadsheet.

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Hi everyone
Today i have released the new version [ version 4.0 ] of Coudsheets~Spreadsheets extension by adding two new & important blocks into it,

  • Add New Sheet
  • Add New Columns

Hope you like these two blocks too… Download & Use the new version and kindly let me know your views in the comment. Thank you all for supporting Cloudsheets.


Hello, I have data in Spreadsheet which automatically gets updated and it has spaces. Is there any way to show it in the app without the “+” or “%20” sign.

Use replace all block of text component.

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Anyone know the writing and reading spreadsheet fee ?. I talk about the number of requests to the sheet per second, among others …

Is this possible for this extension?INVENT

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Hi, I made an Account, paid for it, but actually it’s not working

Hi @elakhal_inc_50
I’m very sorry for the incontinence mate. But you should take a look at the docs before. It says it may take 12 hours to activate the API key if it wont get activated right after payment. Also You API key was activated on 11 march 2020 at 09:00 AM

Also your Payment is still on hold, hope you’ll release it soon :grin:

Okay thanks.
I don’t know how to release payments on paypal, can’t I pay using credit card or something else?

It’s like very urgent

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Cloufsheet website is not opening

Sorry for the inconvenience buddy. Currently website is under maintenance. If you need the API key kindly PM me or Chat & get API Key on Telegram @ct_tricks

Can you tell me for how much time website is under maintenance

Can you please explain how to use the extension for Points system in your Youtube Channel, i am the subscriber, and please add more future for google sheets extension

Sure let me know about the features that you are willing to have in this extension.
And thanks for subscribing my channel buddy :wink:
You can contact me on :telegram: also, at @ct_tricks

I am able to get data from my spreadsheet but am not able to upload data to the coloums

The response code I got was 111
Does I’d matter in this?

cannot signup?