Cloudsheets ~ Spreadsheets Extension

Spreadsheets Extension

Non-visibla component that provides access to the Google Spreadsheet. You can use this extension to write/read data on spreadsheet. This extension requireds Cloudsheets API Key to perform the actions.

Cloudsheets is a service that let’s you connect your Google Spreadsheet with your android apps, by providing an uique API Key of your spreadsheet. So that you can use it as a database of your app. Click here for more info.


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:arrow_down: Download AIX: com.Spreadsheets.aix (15.6 KB) [ Version 3.0 ]

NOTE : In order to use this extension you need a cloudsheet API key. For that you have to ceate your free Cloudsheets account.

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Hi, how can I write data separated by space?


I tried but it doesn’t work

Hey there!
if you have any space in beteen your text then you have to add + sign insted of space or you can also replace the space with %20 to avoid error during uploding/upading your data on your spreadsheet.