Code editor app help

hey all I need your help , I am making a code editor app that supports Html , CSS and JavaScript

Q1 my questions are how can I make the line system like any ide

Q2 how can I make the text coloured like in any ide

Q3 and how can I check whether the code entered is right or wrong

show us what you’ve done so far

I have made a program where there are three textbox one for html one for css and one for java script so what my program does it that when the button is clicked it joins the text from all the textbox and the it loads data: text/html, + the code on webview

sorry i cant share the code right now

I assume that you are asking about Syntax Highlighting which process what’s the word or segment and highlights and give different colors. I created an extension to do like this before using Java-Prettify library of Google.



If possible could you share the aix

I don’t have knowledge about these stuff :sweat_smile:

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I’ll make an extension soon :wink:

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Thanks @oseamiya :blush:

could u plz show us how to use the blocks

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