Code or Extension for half circle menu

hello koder

Does anyone know if there is a code or extension to make the half circle menu like a photo
I think I saw it somewhere but I can not find it


Actually you don’t need any extension to create this kind of design.
Just use vertical and horizontal arrangements, card view, buttons to make such design.
You have to do some tweaks but no extensions are needed to create this kind of design.

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I haven’t worked with this earlier. but try this:

  1. Set an image circle as a picture
  2. Have a formula such that , when u scroll down, the scroll percentage should be equal to image rotation.
  3. And the visibility of the buttons can be linked to this scroll percentage to make it appear dynamic

DO give it a try…

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I do not know if you were looking for …


thanks for the awesome information.

Hello Sai_7

Thanks for your response
I searched for it and maybe it can be done using canvas and imagesprite

Do you have any sample code or link for this