Coding Blocks not visible for some components

When I finished my Screen1 and went to blocks section I was unable to get blocks of some components.
Hr1 components have blocks

And Hr2 to Hr23 have nothing

Possible reason,
I only made Hr1 in Builder and then modified Aia file’s Screen1.scm file with notepad.
I did it because I don’t have a PC and I can’t use Right Click or Keyboard Shortcuts,

Now I don’t know how to fix this issue, any type of help is really appreciated.
Milker.aia (837.8 KB)

That’s the issue and you didn’t do it properly

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So now there’s no way to fix it?
What’s the proper way to do it?

Of course there is

Depends on which tutorial you followed, PS non of them are doing it right

I changed $Name of Arrangements and Components inside it, as well as text of some labels. Is there anything else I had to change but I didn’t?

Milker1.aia (838.1 KB)

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Thank you so much, I just looked inside your aia and it was uuid of components. Thanks for changing them.

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