coGa Rewards, earn gift cards and more

(Uriel Albarran Oropeza) #1

I’m creating a Rewards App, where the user earn virtual currency for do some actions, like download free apps or watch videos, right now the app works on this way:

When the user open the app, we detect if this is open on a phone or an emulator, if the device it’s an emulator, we show a warning about that, if not, the script continue, next we check if the app have an active connection or not, if not a warning it’s displayed.

The second screen open a webView where the user can see a on boarding welcome and a start button to login using facebook, on the meanwhile a timer on the back keeps waiting for a response from the webView using a string.

If the user have email can continue, if not is redirected to a third screen where he can end the registration, this because some user sign on facebook only using a phone number.

after the registration, they reach the main screen where all the offers are displayed; the main offers come from an API and every item it’s created on the fly, other offers are displayed on a webView.

All the principal data like: amounts, referrals or offers transactions are stored on a mySQL server (not Firebase) the only information stored locally it’s the email, name and main ID.

For security we don’t save any password to prevent information leak.

This I need to finish: settings page, rewards screen, referrals screen, earns history and help data.

I already have a referral system and API where the user earn the 50% from their referrals and the 25% from their referrals-referrals.

I need some feedback, I don’t expect that you guys press any offer, just want to know what you guys think or if I can improve something else:

(Federico Morrone) #2

I downloaded the app… Wow The first screen is really cool! How did you do that? I tink the app will have succes on the store. Can release some aia file for the Welcome screen and the tecnology?

Sorry if my english is not perfect

(technical creation hack) #3

sir plzz give aia file