Colintree Listview issue

and this is the block form, where is the error?

What is the error?
Morever you can add only three items as a list for collin tree (Image, Title, subtitle). If you want to add just use join block

the error is, why is the link above the name listed, then there are three data from the airtable that doesn’t appear, please provide a solution

Connect aia in companion, right click on all the global variables and click the last optiin Do it and shate us the result

Dear Mods, pls merge this topic Please permission, I want to ask
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I want to display data from airtable, but why is there a link when getting airtable data? Please help

Show us your blocks

this is the block form

and this is the block connection

Likethis try and share us the result inorder to help you

permission in advance, what is meant by companion variable which part?

This is the error. See, for name global variable also you set the col name as Image so it returned the image link.

Change the col name… Got your mistake?

Also since you are using get all row method, no need of index method. Just use only one procedure to get each col as a separate list

Crrate this procedure and in the col name, you add your airtable col name, and in the place of label just use concern global list

In screen init, call all rows and in Got all row Use this block… Work will become very easier

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