Colors choices error

Buongiorno ragazzi, non so se è capitato solo a me ma sto ricevendo numerosi errori da parte del sistema nel tentativo di selezionare i colori per i miei componenti della mia Applicazione, per il momento riesco a raggirare il problema quando inizializzo lo screen assegnando per i miei componenti i colori scelti.
Grazie e buon lavoro tutti

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Hi guys, I don’t know if it just happened to me but I’m getting numerous errors from the system trying to select the colors for my components of my Application, for the moment I can work around the problem when I initialize the screen assigning for mine components of the chosen colors.
Thanks and good luck all

Welcome to community. Official language is English so next time please follow the rules. As for the problem you have please read



Thank you very much for your answer, in the meantime they solve the problem I will continue as described by me earlier, good job and hello to next time