Companion and web component 🪲 Bug In India

Hi, From yesterday when kodular release new fenix update I faced many issues in some component in

existing apps also
And I update my companion also to new version

I was very confused because my existing apps which is on playstore and didn’t update with new api 30 also behave wrong . Because I use web component to fetch my MySQL data and only web component didn’t work.

And companion also didn’t work so I figured out one thing that both apps (my app and companion ) use web to post or get means there is web component or web services issue.

So I tested something

My country is India and network provider is jio
So I use vpn and change my country to Singapore and :exploding_head::boom: boom it start working. So Is India blocked By kodular ?

Here is the proof below of all things

My web component takes 1-3 minute for fetching data from my server and yes there is no wrong with my server as I test it by api . And this happened after fenix update. But when I connect vpn to any other country as shown in video it fetch data in 1 Sec. And companion is also open in 2-3 seconds.

@kodular @Taifun @Boban Please take a look at this serious issue

It’s more likely that your ISP is blocking Kodular

But this is caused after new fenix update before it works fine.
And why my ISP block kodular ? There is no valid reason for this

How should I know

If my ISP block kodular than why my existing app web services also didn’t work in app only . In other things my server works but in web component it didn’t

No i disagree. I am also from India and got working fine both the component. I am using Oppo Neo7… but takes 33sec to show companion main page

Is it normal that your homepage shows in 33 sec? I don’t think because it opens in less than 2&3 seconds.

My web component also show data in very long time like 1-3 minute. And I faced this after fenix new update

This happened again in my another app after new release of fenix update. Why web component affects after every new kodular release (in some apps not in all). In one of my another app it happend web didn’t work and if I use vpn than its start working fine