Companion asset problem

whenever I try to connect to the companion first seems to be ok then it shows me that it is uploading an asset but it stops there

Can you send a screenshot of the error


Switch browser.

How many file do you have?
anyway, I suggest you to clear cache and hard reset.

what do you mean with clear cache and hard reset

maybe this is helpful it seems that it is connected but i does not show me my app

If you are using chrome or chromium based browser, press F12 and right click the reload button. You will see the hard reload.

does not seem to be the problem

It is not a bug or anything just it send your assets image to companion so that your app preview looks clearly .
This might happened when your assets size is much bigger or much assets files.

Solution : clear data or reinstall companion app.
Clear data or change browser

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how to clear data for a browser

your solutions were wrong instead i found a low file like you said that it was the problem thanks alot everyone

What you said so what is the solution

i said i found a low file the problem seams that it takes a lot of time to download that it quits

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