Companion Bug From New Update

Hello Koders, i got this error everytime from the new update does anyone know what is the problem or its a bug???

Yes, i am also getting the same error after the update.
What you can do is just ignore the error.

I mean, click on ‘ok’ and scan QR-Code again. Repeat that process 2-3 times, and it will run perfectly.
I don’t know the solution, i’m just telling you what i’m doing from the last 5-6 hours.

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Did you update to the latest companion?

yes after update we got the error man…

We are Koders not Coders!

arey LOL mistake man…

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It’s not a bug… It only showing status of Companion…
That your companion is disconnected…
@hemantadahalofficial & @RawQue_Official

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Use English, Kodular only allowed english.