Companion Crashing

From the Last two days the Companion App is Crashing. Is it Happening to me or everybody is facing the same issue?

I have uninstalled the app and re installed, but no use.

Have you updated the companion.
I have used it day before yesterday and it was working fine :+1:

Un installed and then installed.

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Didn’t saw that before.

Is it Kodular Eagle 1.4C.5 ?

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mine companion sometimes do like this
as soon as i connect
it disconnects

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Now after reinstallation the app after installation also crashes. :frowning:

What is your Android version?

If you use any other app while it comapnion is connected then it gets disconnected.

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oh i always do that

@ADDYLIN, @indianplans

use a different network for companion

close backgrounds apps, activities such as downloading, etc.

update the app if available

give all permissions to companion


I mean use a strong network (wifi…) :grin:

No, as far I know, we should be on same network to use companion.


The companion may disconnect (for example)
If I’m using mobile data for the creator as well as for the companion

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please help me, my companion app is closing automatically, I did all the requirements that you stated above.

download apk to test app simple

no but my phone works with data and even if it disconnects companion is well and stable

wrong try disconnecting it and connect it

maybe u use airtel or jio :crazy_face: :crazy_face: coz they become slow at times


sometimes this dont works.
use lowest sdk and try like i have and5 so i use sdk4.4 .it hangs a lot :sweat_smile:

I had the same issue… Now it is working fine…

Edit: It is still not working. Companian crashing a lot.

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