Companion Issues - Unable to Use


Firstly, let me say that I have recently come across Makeroid and I must compliment you on the number of features and functions you have made available. I am currently a App Inventor user, but am looking to change to Makeroid were it not for the fact that I am unable to perform any live testing.

My issues are this :

  • Using the MIT Companion results in it constantly crashing. Crashes are invoked from various functions including clicking buttons to changes screens etc.
  • When trying to use USB debugging, the system sits in a constant state of looping awaiting confirmation of the companion running:

I do however acknowledge that this is using the aiStarter system as the MakeroidStarter is picked up as by Symantec as infected with Heur.AdvML.B and automatically deleted.

I am therefore unable to connect through USB nor use the companion (which was done on a factory reset Android phone using Android 7) which is a showstopper to continuing with Makeroid…

Can you assist in any way ?

Why do you not use our companion ?

Sorry - that was an error… using the Makeroid Companion directly results in constant crashing. I have submitted 3 crash reports from the app, but cant see anything on the companion interface to let me know what the reason for the crash is.

I was using the AIStarter for USB which was not connecting…

No problem :smiley:
@Diego have we received the reports?

They should be on Fabric