Companion live and Vertical view


Following your advice, I transformed an app with many screens into an app with only one screen and many vertical views.

Everything works fine except that every time I change something obviously the companion restarts from the first page.

is there any way to make it stay on the vertical view I’m working on?



Maybe :

Place visible = true only in the vertical arrangement you want. The others are invisible.

bye thank you

I put one vertical visible at a time but the problem is that when I use the companion it always restarts from the first vertical that of the login

It is visible =True. Set visible= false.

sorry my english i can’t explain myself.

I do as you say putting one vertical visible at a time the problem is the companion that every time I change something it starts from the vertical where I put the login while I would like to remain on the visible vertical I am working on

The companion will always restart when you add/remove/change a component.

Sure but itìs possible that when restart remain on veftical i am workong on?

In the ScreenInitialise block you can set your vertical arrangement visible to true, everything you don’t need to false.

If not use the block ‘any component’, in that you design the rule if the working component(vertical arrangement) is live make reamining component visible to false . Simple

I already told him that … but

sorry it’s definitely my fault that i can’t explain myself in english

I already do what you say the problem is another

The starting situation is: I am working on a vertical arragment which is the only visible one (the others are all hidden) but when I make any change on this visible vertical arragment the companion makes the vertical arragment where I have entered the login reappear as visible . result I have to navigate the compnion again until the vertical arragment I was working on. so I waste a lot of useless time.

I would simply like the companion to stay on the vertical I’m working on by not hiding it