Companion not connecting to the creator

Hi everyone!
I’m facing a serious issue regarding the companion. The companion app on my phone is not connecting to the creator. After I scan the QR code or enter the 6 digit code manually on the app, no progress bar is appearing in the creator and the 6-digit code keeps on displaying. I’m using Firefox browser (when I use Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the progress bar remains stagnant at 20%). It was working great in Firefox until day before yesterday. How shall I solve this?
P.S.: Checked but everything is online there. Also read various other threads relating to this topic but none of them seemed to help.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t create the duplicate topic
See this post to fix issue in firefox

If it is solved then tick solution.

Well, this post didn’t appear in my search results.

Thank you so much! The soultion you linked in your post worked!!! :smile:

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Yes, There is a problem with Chrome Browser… After the new update of chrome we are not able to connect Kodular Companion with it… There is only one option I found on Internet is that you should change the browser, I prefer the Firefox. It’s a good browser so you can use it… and sometimes you will face problem in connection with Companion through Code in Firefox also, then for that It is better you use USB Debugging for Live Testing. This is solution which have I got…

Hmm. I see.