Companion problem

A few days ago the companion began to fail. when I try to connect with a project, I read the qr code … it connects but at the same time it closes itself.
I tried to re-install the app, create an empty project, but the same problem continues

Which browser are you using

I use firefox, the same I tried with others too

Next please use search :mag: -

This fix is only for Firefox the update for Chromium based browsers will delivered in the next update…

Those steps are from a few months ago, which I already carried out … that’s why I could use the app, what I’m talking about is from now.

hmm try the steps again

Everything is already configured as the post says

Kodular Rendezvous Server

This is the Kodular Rendezvous Server, which appears to be operating normally.

Hi team.
All haveproblem with companion emulator?

Works fine for me

Same version?

No, 1.5.4

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Working now!
Thx u Crack!

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