Compare big confusion

I cannot for the life of me work out why this doesn’t work.

The variable in the db is varchar of length of one (either 1 or 0)

The Notify shows me a “0” zero

and yet the condition refuses to work

Any help?


here, where is the block for length?
What is the response content? if you show us, it will be convenient to solve it. Right click on the response content and click Do it and share with us…

try using these blocks :

not a solution, but a quick test…

Typing in capitals is considered “shouting”, and is not appropriate for community , also have a more meaningful and easy title


Just trying something else quickly


compare texts <> =

Returns whether or not the first string is lexicographically <, >, or = the second string depending on which dropdown is selected.



Tests whether two numbers are equal and returns true or false.

Testing is part of learning , including testing changing the field type from varchar to int.

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