Compare date time

Hello all

I have a problem.
In screen1, I would like to compare 2 dates (format dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

The principle is that I add 20 seconds to a date by clicking on a button.

When I go to screen 3 or when I leave the app, I would like when I come back when initializing Screen1 to compare the 2 dates and tell me if 20 seconds have passed.

But I have an argument error.

thank you all

better convert the time into millies and compare the millies, you will achieve exactly what you want

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I do not see where to convert the time but thank you I will try to find.

Use get millis block

Image taken from [Guide] How to use the CLOCK

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thank you @Still-learning and @dora_paz

I succeeded :+1:

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