Compilation Error, stuck at "The compiler error output was"

Dear Developers,
I am facing a compilation error while final build…Something like this…

When, Clicked on View Log this has been showed

“Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

I have only 609 blocks max in one screen. My companion is rendering it fine but not building.

I have seen similar topics in this forum but could not find satisfactory solution. Can anyone help?

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Server issue, just try again…

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#Boban, I am gettting compile error. I have done so many times of reloading but couldn’t solved. my app file is NCL_HEMM.aia (477.8 KB) plz help

Show us the error message.

Try this one NCL_HEMM.aia (137.3 KB)

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Thank You Boban. What was problem?

I believe it was project within a project . Usually this happens when importing a project as an extension


screen open two times. what could be a problem?