Compilation failed, resource problems?

After racking my brain all day, I came to the conclusion that it is an error or resource problem, the schemas work fine and are exactly the same, but if I enable both it gives an error.

I’m not asking for help because I never got it, I’m just stating my experience.

Blocks on screen: 2956
Assets: 10.3 Mb
Files in assets: 177 (mostly small icons)
project screens: 15
Fully optimized blocks and layout
Extensions: 23

Now I am going to add a function to which I will pass parameters and inside it I will place the dynamic schema, to eliminate repeated blocks and test if it improves and compiles.

Well, that worked! If anyone finds another explanation, it would be good to know.

probably too much screens in combination of too much files in the assets
sometimes you can get lucky if there is not much load on the build servers to build your project…

possible solution


I simply solved it by passing the dynamicSchema to a function, just as I marked the solution.
I know it is a big project and reducing the screens is practically impossible.

At the moment I continue adding blocks and compiling without problems unrelated to block structuring.
In conclusion I was sure my blocks were fine and it took me a while to figure it out.

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