Component do not show blocks

Actual Victim of the bug @gameshub2018

Component do not show blocks

Steps to reproduce the issue

drag around 40 components at a single screen and the component after 39 or 40 do not show blocks

Expected Behaviour

It shall show blocks

Actual Behaviour

Do not show blocks

Hey there! @Boban just solved this!
You just need to change the name of the components, and it works!!

but then you need to change the name of all components after 40 components, that’s not handy
we must find the cause of the error

What @Boban said is not a solution. It introduces many other problems, like, I am clicking on component slider 1, but the blocks are showing for slider 2. What a type of bug this is!!

This does not work. Changing the names brings a whole lot of other problems. Other fixes are required. Please help

@Deepanshu_Arya @Boban @Peter @Kodular @KodularCreator

P.S. I am not unnecessary tagging a whole lot of people. This is one of the serious bugs!!

@KodularCreator @Kodular @nikhilbobade27

Hey, I just created a project. In my project, I am having some problems. Blocks of some components are not being shown. I am not being able to work, so please help ASAP.

what happens when you click in block section??
do this happen on only on any particular project or all???

This is happening in a particular project and also not for all the components. Normally, we click on a component, and we drag the block required. But even when I click, no block are coming for dragging.

try to attack screenshot and information like your browser name

LOOK AT Join_M5_btn. No block are showing.

And, I am using Google Chrome on my Windows 7

is it dynamic button??

NO, it’s just a normal button

its working fine for me. Try reloding page or logout and login again

Should I give you aia file so that you can understand and fix my problem?

ok PM me your aia file

Refresh your page and clear cookies after another time open the kodular