[Component Request] Handler for XML Files

A Component to read and write/remove attributes or Tags from XML Files.
And also to check if the File is valid. Perhaps this can be integrated in the File Component.
I know there are other ways to save/transfer data, but manually writing files or using, for Example
TinyDB isn’t the best solution for me. (SQLite, Fusiontables, … are no options)

My Idea was to take a RSS Feed from any site (More Information I must not say) and handle it, for
Example in Push-Notifications.

What brings me to the next Thing:
Services (Like here) to update regularly, but that’s already in progress.

This would be great. It is not impossible to do it with the tools we have already but something like a feed reader (or even for others situations like catalogs of products and tons of others) it would make things very easy

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Xml files can not be changed at runtime in android.