[Component] Textbox

Please Add Textbox Length on the Textbox Component so We can do our Projects much easier.

Thank You!

are you talking about this ?


If I change the Max Lines is it mean I set the length of the Textbox?

by length you mean the number of max characters that can be entered in the textbox ?

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yes! that’s right!

have a look at this

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It’s not working it keeps showing the error " Segment: Start(2) + length (8) - 1 exceeds text length (2)

Can I still use this Max lines? to Limit my Maximum Characters?

I tried this and its working for me

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replace 7 with the number of characters you want

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hi @Yashsehgal022 will you please tell me how i can change the textbox like whatsapp

i mean to say that when the number of lines increase then the hight automatically increases

not tried it but maybe some thing like this

slight change in the code @Horizon

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yes this can be implemented
thank you @Yashsehgal022


Also there was an extension from @Ken and you can assing max Lenght to any textbox



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