Components is not visible in website viewer but it is visible in companion

As you can see there is signup button is not visible and netheir the goole signup button that i have placed there. but it is visible in companion.

my query is if i need to put a component say button then will i set position of button as in kodular website viewer you can’t scroll if you try then the component will move. so please help me and tell me how to put another componet below that (plus component sizing is perfect i can’t reduce them anymore.)

similarly in below pic this arrow is poinitng at button in case if your not able to see.
here in website you can see button is not fully visible

but in companion it is visible

now when i test the spk in real device it not visible same with google sigun up button. components are visible completely in real device and website but in companion they are visible. i am confused how to check if my app component are visible or not and how to add another component or set layout as you can see you can’t scroll in website viewer.

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Yeah, is the same problem for me… Its so bad. The buttons are working and visible although is invisible in the blocks…

sorry, I don’t understand… you might want to elaborate and add a screenshot of your relevant blocks…

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I have 3 buttons. When i press the center button (image 1), i have a order for hide the notes button and change the icon in the central button. It change the icon in the center button is work good. But, you can see the problem in the (Image 2) screenshot. It s weird. The order is in Image 3.

The problem is: The button doesnt hide and is over the other component.

Thanks for your help. I hope a solution.


This is a screenshot of the companion. I use a horizontal arrangement and separators. I dont hide the separators when i press the central button. I only try hide the Notes button.

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Thanks so much!

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