Configure events successfully to Firebase with Enhance App

Hello, I wanted you to collaborate and guide me to correctly configure these blocks, of the Enhance App extension, to send customized events to Firebase (Analitycs).


In this I am verifying if the user installed or not the Playstore application. But add parameters without really knowing how to optimize events.

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I am not familiar, and cannot find on puravida. Can you provide the location so I can look at it please.


Sorry if I could not make myself understood, I’m abusing the transducers. What I really want is to send a custom event to firebase to monitor user activity, for productive purposes and improve my applications. For this I only found Enhance Connector.

But I really do not know if I’m doing it right.

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I am doing this direct with Firebase. I setup the firebase in key “directories” or sub lists with key words.

On the Get Firebase Data, I have a check to see if the tag cotains a key word, and then routes it to a proceedure. I.E. Check Subscription, Errors etc. Firebase is just a json, so you can maually create it and upload it. Then the tags can be designed to give you what you need direct with firebase.

I may be rambling. Does that make sense?

Here is a small piece of it.