Confirming best way to manage screens

Is the best way still thought to be the Screen Manager? Like the one found at App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Manager Screen | Pura Vida Apps?

Why is this better than the Tribble’s method? App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Multiple Screens | Pura Vida Apps

I tend to like the Tribble method.


One difference that I know between these two methods is that in Manager screen method one screen remains open at any given moment (i.e. the Manager screen) but in Tribblehunter’s method no screen remain open as you always close the active/current screen before going to another screen.

One such similar method is :point_down:

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What effect does it have to have either no screen (Tribble way) or have only one screen (Manager way) open at any given moment?

The difference is that on slower phones one method is fast and the other is slow.
Closing the main window and re-opening it may take up to 10 seconds on slower devices.
The second difference is that if you do not close the main window, then the “Notifier” component will not work properly.

Thanks for the reply!

What do you mean by main window? Do you mean Screen1?

Can you describe how the Notifier component doesn’t work properly if yo do not close the main window?

no, see the answer from @Mika


So, what is the pro & cons on the best practices of navigation between screens? Should I CLOSE on button tap to return to previous screen? Or should I do an open screen call?


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