Connect Discord to Firebase with Zapier

Could anyone explain how to do what’s said in the title? I tried but I’m still very new to all of this sorry.

If you want to get help you have to give more info then pointing to the title of the topic. Show what you have tried and what you want to achieve.

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I just would like messages on discord to appear in an app, or at least the latest. I went to Zapier and a discord channel with a Firebase and followed this video: . But that didn’t work and like I said I super new to Zapier and Firebase and new to Kodular.

As it is related with Zapier interface, I changed the category.

If a Zap (a name for every automation in Zapier) doesn’t work correctly, it would show an error in the Error/Warnings sections. What exactly is not working?

Some apps doesn’t work instantly and it depens on your plan in Zapier, normally it refreshes data in every 10-20 minutes.

Kodular: This is followed from the video that I linked before.

Zapier: Nothing in errors or task history.

Firebase: Also followed from the video that I linked before.

Are there any tutorials on the internet? I tried searching on YouTube and Google but couldn’t find exactly what I needed.

Anyone able to help?

Does anyone know where a tutorial or something is for this? I’ve tried looking around but cant find anything.