Connect Wi-Fi by SSID & Password

I need to connect my app with a Wi-Fi network (ESP8266) to extract the data.
I found the extension WiFi Puravida but it doesn’t work for android 10, is there any way to do it?

I can already perform the extraction, but it requires that it be previously connected.

The network does not contain internet since it is simply a point-to-point connection

Thanks a lot


Yo necesito conectar mi app con una red Wi-Fi (ESP8266) para extraer los datos.
Encontre la extension WiFi Puravida pero no funciona para android 10, hay alguna forma de hacerlo?

La extraccion ya la puedo realizar, pero esta requiere que este previamente conectada.

La red no contiene internet ya que simplemente es una conexion punto a punto

Muchas gracias

for this case I’ll request a help from @Taifun

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what about reading the documentation? App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps

Note : Android will get more and more restricted. The ConnectSSID method does not work anymore starting from Android 10. According to this Stackoverflow answer: For API30 we can use a new Intent action, for API 28 and below we can still use the old way of adding Networks, but for API29 we have some kind of gray area where I was not able to find a good solution yet. . Which means I will wait until App Inventor targets API30 until I hopefully will be able to provide a solution for the ConnectSSID method again…



Thanks, but does that mean there is no other possible solution?

Hi Pipo!
How about your project?

App Inventor targets API30 now! I am following Taifun’s WiFi Manager Extension use for android 10 [email protected]
Thank you so much Taifun!

I have the project without progress, the app is running but to read the name of the ssid it requires having the location active, but as a record of the location is also added, it did not generate any problem