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Hellow Friends lets say we have a taxi app and an order has arrived in airtable how do we call the orders that has not been accepted one at a time to each driver and not call the ones that has not been accepted by other drivers thanks in advance.

This is programming logic… you must flag accepted and unaccepted orders in your spreadsheet.
When ? That’s who you will define.
This even influences the design of your screen (example: buttons will be shown and hidden at a certain moment in a routine)
At what point will an order become “Accepted” and “Not accepted”?

Has this already been defined?

Hello Rogerio thanks for your response I want an order to be accepted if the rider location is near the customer and decline if he feels he is far i have already flagged accept and decline on spreadsheet

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Are you suggesting i should Triger an automation on spreadsheet once an order arrives…?

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I suggested that at some point (as decided by you) the order status should change.
You should take this trigger at the best time to optimize your app.:+1:

How to do the blocks with airtable? I don’t know since I’ve never used airtable. :+1:

Thanks a lot i couldn’t see it in that point at first

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