Connection to MySQL using Xampp on the local machine is not giving MySQL

Consigo fazer conexão com MySQL(Xampp) pela extensão do MySQL?

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What mysql extension are you talking about ?

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Did you change the parameters that are inside the mysql.php files? These parameters configure your connection to the database.

English please.

Yes, but does not save data

App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps
But, the script checks whether or not you are connected. Is he sending an error message? It returns a message about the number of rows affected (insert, delete and update). In select sql it returns the values on your screen. Through information I read here on the forum, the owner of this extension does not answer us. And I already had this experience so try to use the App Inventor Tutorials and Examples script: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps to save your time …


It didn’t work with local xampp server
Use this
It’s free configure mysql.php file and put in public_html folder and no need to take domain nand hosting

I am not using the web for connection, I was trying straight to the extension

You might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks…


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