Consent development mode

I want to use consent development mode for EU users but I don’t know how to implement it’s blocks please help me

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If you want good answers to your question, it would help to be much more specified and elaborate your wish.

Also, please tell us what you did and show your blocks.

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I put ads on my apps but when I am doing it I get to know that we have to use consent development mode for EU users to show admob ads and I don’t know how to use it

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Just be patient. If someone wants to help you they will.

Just turn on consent development mode

It’s only for test for implementing we need to add blocks

You shouldn’t have to add any blocks, @Kodular?

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So what I had do do in consent ?

If enabled you will see the consent dialog no matter if you are located in Europe or not. Please use this option only in development. If this setting is enabled ALL taken consents will not be saved.

So when I want to publish my app which block I have to use to show consent message to Europe users ?

Ok, you don’t use a block. Just disable “Consent Development Mode”. It’s not that hard to understand a sentence.