Continuing the discussion from [Aab Package Play Store Publishing Problem]

Continuing the discussion from Aab Package Play Store Publishing Problem:

Hello Everyone,
I also had the same problem.
I upload aab file to google play console and it can install but it cannot run.
I have seen boban help. However I still don’t understand. I can’t find pubg_lag_free and Anti_Lag_Tool_Pubg.
Please help me!

Most probably the issue is caused by an empty property …

If you can not find the problem use logcat to find what causes crash

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Thank you very much! I will try.

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There is a misunderstanding here. My apk file runs very well. Only when I upload the aab file to google console, it can install but after installed the phone doesn’t show the app and CH Play doesn’t show the run button.
as this Aab Package Play Store Publishing Problem

Have you followed the tipp from the post in question?

Or share your play app link so we can check it out.

Thank you very much!
I’m trying to upload a new one. I hope it will be ok.