Control a custom banner & sidemenu header background image using firebase

I’m trying to find ways to control sidemenu header background image & a custom banner using firebase. By custom banner I meant a custom image ad of our own (like promoting our own apps using banners). I tried uploading images to firebase storage & copied link to a realtime database. Then used the Set header background image block & connected to firebase (Get value, Got value blocks). But it is not working. Even if it works,it will only run when the screen 2 initialize. What do I do to to make it happen real time ?
(Btw I didnt use the firebase storage component, used the database component only)

If it is working, then you can use firebase data changed block. In that set header background image to get value.

without using the Got value block ?

And if we have 2 or more different tags & values in a bucket then how do we use them in block ?
if get tag = tag 1 {if get value = value 1 … set xxxxxx}
else if get tag = tag 2 {if get value = value 2 set xxxx}
Like this ?

On firebase data changed block

Use if then, compare tag and set header background image

Not working… I think the header can only use images uploaded in assets.

Use image component make it invisible.

First set the image picture to get value and then set header image to Image1 picture.

Show your blocks…

@The_K_Studio @Kshitij I tried to do it this way. But it’s still not working.

I assume a link won’t work this way ? or does it have anything to do with firebase link ?

Does your image work as a direct link?

Yes… But it works with the image loader plugin by DevYB. I mean for the banner image only.
I can only see a blank white space whenever I try both methods for Sidemenu header image.

try opening the link in a new tab. Does the image show?