Control extension

Hello! I have the project to create controls extensions. Can someone help me?

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what you mean by this?

A control component,like a condition or a loop.


What’s your goal? If you want just control functions, then use it in Kodular creator. And if you want to make an extension, then search community for the guide.

Extensions are created to finish our work very simpler. But I don’t still in what manner you want to get it? If you do not use extension you no need to try to control it or even no need to think of it.

Always use the extension provided with documentation so you can know what is happening really at the background. Extension cannot get your details without your permission. Google changed a policy a lot. So do not worry about the extension posted in our community. It was almost checked and verified buly the mods. And do not use the extensions which are not recommended by the mods. Visit Taifun page to get list of extension

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not possible extension cant create that type of blocks just use kodular