Control the camera by voice – microphone issue

Hello all,
I would like to control the camera for video recording by voice. I use the extension MediaCamera from Atom and the extension ScSpeechRecognizer from ScorpioNormal.
When I say “start” the camera should start the recording, when I say “stop” the camera should stop.
My problem is the video recording uses the microphone and monopolize it. So, the speech recognition do not catch the keywords stop and start (it “heards” nothing).

To solve my problem, here under some idea :

  •    Ask to Atom to stop recording the sound of the video and to release the microphone available => not possible
  •    Make the recording in background to keep the microphone available in foreground => it is still unavailable even if the camera works in foreground (tested)
  •    Take the control of the microphone over camera ? how to proceed ?
  •    Create a second microphone (one dedicated to video, the other one to ScSpeechRecognizer) but I don’t know how to proceed. Do you have an idea ? Bluetooth ?
  •    … other idea ?

NB : I don’t mind to have no sound in the video.

Thanks for your help.