Convert apk to aia

i want to convert apk file to aia file please anybody help

You can’t do that.



Welcome to community
Unfortunately you cannot convert APK to AIA
You posted your topic in wrong category for further information visit

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So the first thing in this builder and community is for you learn “How to hack others Apps”?
And when I read your username I really get a bad feeling.
Can it be that you just want to make the fast money here?

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Seriously… If there is any way to convert apk to aia, it would be everything easier.:joy:


yes and if i had won a illion in lotto all was easier for me but … each time this word but…:unschuldig:


Yes there is a way to convert apk to aia * …
I’ll tell you step by step

  1. install apk on your phone.
  2. create new project on kodular
  3. design same ui as on the apk
  4. arrange blocks to perform action like the app performs.
  5. compile your app.
  6. enjoy… :wink:
    The * sign on top indicates some limitations
  • app cannot run in background
  • there is size limitations for apps.
    [and off course some other things which are on I want category "some don’t " are also limitations ]…
    If this helped you mark as solution

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