Copy a direct download link of a file from google drive

Please tell more information about what you are trying to get. I am bit confused ?

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On a button click, google drive app should appear (or in a web, whatever), it should show the list of files and folders in the drive, and after selection it should provide the sharable link for that selected file.

Is this :point_down: is something you are looking for?

App Inventor - Google Drive Google Drive Interface

This tutorial is provided by @Taifun



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Sorry I was confused by this

May be Taifun can answer it better

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See here:

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But this is not a direct download link.

Of course, it is.

Isn’t a direct download link mean when you press the link, it will automatically download?

I will remove this link after a short time.

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Is it just me? I have to press the download button myself
Edit ok I can remove it, I actually know about Google drive

When you will click on your file a list will appear having an option of Share.
On clicking to it you will see 2 options.
Share with people and group
Get Link
Just below the Get link option click on Change.
A link will appear. Make sure that just below the link the text is Anyone with the link.
If not found change it from Restricted to that option.
The link will be updated.
You can now share that link.
Hope that helps you :wink:

Please change your tag you have included all of them.

After enabling the share to anyone, there’s a trick to make it to download directly.
Try this:
More detail:


This is google drive guide. I know this already. I want help in Kodular.

How to get the file download Link from google drive?

Thank you.

I will check this and if it works fine, I will mark your comment as a solution. Give me some time. Thank you.

did it work?

Lots of free websites are available for direct download link generator. Just search in Google for Drive direct Download link generator

If I were you, I won’t trust those fishy website.
If you can do it in the google drive link directly, why not?