Copy blocks and design from a screen to screen1 - JSON error

Friends, I need the help of experts. I needed to take all design and blocks from screen 2 to screen1. What I did, I was careful to ensure that there would be no redundancy of variable names and components and extensions between the screens. I copied from screen2 only the components (scm) and blocks (bky). Everything ok until then. But when trying to import I’m getting the following message: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to parse file - cannot locate beginning of $ JSON section. I sought information on the forum but did not help. As it is a special situation, I believe that the problem is not common in the forum. Screen2 has 3542 blocks. So, copying one by one is very difficult.

Are you trying to merge screen1 and screen2 or make your screen2 as screen1

second option. My screen1 has login and registration functionality and screen 2 has other features. I want to put everything on screen1. The transition time between screen 1 and screen 2 is very long. I was careful to ensure that the initialization of screen2 was light and the arrangements started closed, but it is still very high. So I decided to put everything on the same screen.

That means you want to merge the screens! and not to have two screens with same components and blocks

that’s exactly it. Transfer functionality to screen 1 and delete screen 2.

The AI2 Project Merger Tool can help you in this I think. Go through the documentation once before using it, so that you can know if this is the thing you want

AI2 Project Merger Tool

Wow, apparently it could be the solution. I will study the documentation and try to merge. I’ll be right back with the answer.

But be sure to take the back up of your current project first!

I think this may not be the solution. Sorry for mentioning it here :slightly_frowning_face:

:pensive: You are absolutely right. The solution brings screen2 into the project. In fact, I need to bring all design and blocks from screen2 into screen1.

Unfortunately I think I will need to copy the design and the blocks. Hard work ennobles man. :neutral_face:

You either missed something or similar, I haven’t don that with a big project but small one’s worked just fine…

Boban, I think I expressed myself badly, sorry. I didn’t miss anything, I just said that it will be hard work to copy and paste all the design arrangements and the 3400 blocks. But I have the will and willingness to do it. I thought I could take a lighter path. I thank all of you who tried to help me.

Instead like on Screene put everything in a vertical arrangement, right click copy it and in screen2 right click an paste, instead of copying and pasting each arrangement or visible components, I hope this helps


But make sure before trying you export the aia so you have a backup file

As you got this error

You probably did miss something

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Yes, it is indeed a great alternative, but would you have any ideas for copying the blocks?

First of all empty the backpack by right clicking on it and select option, then the screen of which blocks you want to copy, in the blocks section right click and select copy all blocks to backpack and in the screen to which you are copying right click and select paste all blocks from backpack

Yes, the first thing that came to my mind was to use the backpack, but there are 3400 blocks. Would the memory used for the copy be from my computer or is it swap with the Kodular server? Also, by copying arrangements they change the name and include copy at the end. Anyway, I will try your suggestion.

You can create an empty project where first you can paste all the blocks in your backpack so whenever you want you can use them, and then clear your backpack