Copy only text line not Numeric

hello i just stuck . i have this label – 1. my name is Donald.

and i want when i click copy button so copy only text label not numeric like this — my name is Donald
And i use extension Taifun Clipboard . Is it possible if possible then plz help me.

Is it possible or not?

Hold your horses, keep in mind that everyone is not in the same time zone as you and that we help here in our free time.



Is the format the exact same all the time?

Try and play with something like this.

i play with this but still not got it .
and i have label data from airtable dynamic

And… What am I supposed to do with that information?

You have to explain what you are doing, and what is not working.

i m making a quotes app in this app i have labels so user can easily copy labels but in my labels starting with numeric example -

  1. my name is rahul
  2. my name is trump
  3. my name is dawid

now i want when user click copy button so only copy this text

my name is rahul
my name is trump
my name is dawid

and i know is it possible by remove numeric in airtabel data . but i wanaa show with numeric in app and when user copy without numeric.

And my blocks do exactly that.

I show you how the split works. I show you how it creates a list. I show you how to get the second item from the list.

Show me your blocks with my suggestions.

i try but when i copy then Brackets show in first and last in label like this

(my name is rahul)


I do not think I can help. You are not following instructions.

ok wait sorry for that

this one work for me on test app now i test on actuall app

@cian i try in test app where i put manually add text in label then i got my solution .
but now i try in my actually app where my label data from airtable as u can see below image in this i stuck please help

You are parsing on screen initialize. Setup a proceedure, to make the call, and THEN do the split

i not get it sorry

Move the split into the top of the proceedure.

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like this and this error show also


Move proceedure under the Label1 in Got Cell

ya i did i go this error