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Very good job, @Peter!!! It shows clearly that each platform has its own characteristics. Before some of you say: "it is working in Platform A, B or C but does not work in Makeroid ", keep in mind that there are internal and external differences.


@Peter great job

Amazing explanation @Peter! :+1:

Hi, Sir in which software you open the source code of aia file?
when I opened aia file in notead++ it looks like this

The AIA file is a zip compressed archive. You have to unzip it first.


@Kodular i think it might be useful. im tired designing custom listview. if i can clone components with same properties than it will save a lot of time :relaxed:

Peter already explained here.


@Peter AMAZING! :+1:

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@yusufcihan don’t u think its for advance users like peter?

No, everything is easy after you learned. Also, Peter explained well with images. So I’m sure everyone can make easily. At least you can use this solution until Kodular adds this feature.


There are two things to think of when implementing this -

  1. If you copy a visible component, where should it be placed? Should it be like Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V? (i.e., you explicitly have to select the region where you want to clone the component to)

  2. If you clone an arrangement, do you want to clone all of it children also (and children of children) i.e., deep cloning?


Maybe we can have an extra category and component called “Panels” and when we copy a component, it will save as panel in components palette, so we can drag that from components palette and drop anywhere we want (like other components). So I think it will become easier to add this option.

This can be like internal-extensions.


yes, we have to select the area where we want to clone.

@pavi2410 can we copy like we do ctrl+c in android studio?

why do you not try it if it work

im asking to implement in kodular, its not working yet.

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sorry i understood that wrong

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Surprise :raised_hands:


Fantastic Option :slight_smile:

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