Copyrighted Content/No written permission from the owner

Dear Devs (or to whom it may concern),

Hi! I have read the Terms Of Service. Kodular basically says “Use any copyrighted content and you won’t get monetized and we might even kick you out of here” when it comes to copyrighted contents. Some websites similar to kodular has the same concept about not promoting copyrighted content but their Terms Of Service says “You can use anything for your app, you are liable in all it’s content but we can take actions when the legal copyright owners sends copyright notice about your app”.

My point here is: is it possible to just make the app developer liable if problem arises?

Just in case I got it all wrong, is kodular liable if the people uses copyrighted contents and the copyright owner takes actions? Will you be in trouble instead of the ones who made the apps despite of putting it out that we are liable to everything inside the app we make?

I’m really looking forward for your response. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I just want clarifications on my “what ifs”, and one of those is that.

Thank you.

Sunny Pitcher


Just a quick question first. You have another account on the same address. Can you explain why? Only one is allowed.

Regarding your question. We as Kodular don’t want to be associated with anything illegal. So we are not responsible for your actions but we don’t want to be known as the software that is used to make illegal apps.


Thanks for the quick response. I got your point.

Regarding the multiple account, I made this account for my partner so he can explore kodular too, we live in the same roof and uses the same wifi (although I made this account in my own device).

Although, I believe I have another one too using my old email address last year and signed up again this year using my new email. I’ll check and maybe just get rid of the old one.
Thanks for bringing that up.

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