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CoronaInfo is a app which can be used to get information of Coronavirus/COVID-19/Ncov of almost every country. It also gives the CoronaInfo of the world. It gives total country confirmed cases, recovered cases, total deaths, last 24 hours confirmed cases, deaths. It also gives other stats/Misc of the CoronaInfo of the country. It also has travel alerts.

New Update, New Features

Some of the big features

  • Settings Menu
  • Travel Alerts
  • New Sidebar


APK Download link:

coronainfo.apk (6.9 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

Sorry, but this app’s AIA is private. I cannot give it.


Nice app!!


Nice App, Just need to improve UI.


Can you help?

Create colour palette for your app, choose a theme, refer some templates and many more Imagination is your limit. :wink:

Use card view, create custom button’s and many more.
Use custom fonts.

Btw, I also created such app you can refer it.

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I am on mobile, ok I will make UI better in next update. Also, notify me of bugs and tell me of new features
Thank you

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An update is near…

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I want you help you with the UI, but i don’t have time :sweat_smile:

Good app with plenty of info available easily.

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Looking for Betatesters of CoronaInfo. Anyone willing to beta-test CoronaInfo may PM me with their device name and android version.

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Hey, Everyone!

So, the new update has been released at 2020-09-12T05:00:00Z. Some people may ask me that why is my update too late? I would sadly say that I had lost the AIA of the CoronaInfo.In August, I got the AIA by recovering it. Sorry for too late update.

Some New Features of the updated app:

  • New settings menu with 2 options, Show Notification Bar and Show Navigation Bar.
  • New Travel Alerts Menu which tells travel alerts of almost every country.
  • New Sidebar with many options
  • Improved UI
  • Some bug fixes
  • New Corona News menu which gives news of Coronavirus all over the world.

Known issues to be fixed in the next update (Sorry for the issues):

  • When pressing back at CoronaNews, CoronaNews is also visible

    Please give your rating on the new update:
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Hi, is this app uploaded to Store now or just private *.apk download?

I’d like to test it :slight_smile:

The app is awesome. :love_you_gesture:t2: :love_you_gesture:t2: