Countdown system works when app is Closed

(Deep Prajapati) #1

I got success in made background timer…It’s work when the app is closed…
I made it with my many efforts…So it has cost…
It is not costly…Its Prize is only ₹100…
First 5 Person Purchase(Buy) it in ₹60

Live Video Test.:-

You can try it free:- New (1).apk (4.6 MB)

For Purchase(Buy) Contact me on Whatsapp No.:- 9157182947

This is my Whatsapp No. Not calling No…


(Dupe Tech) #2

great work !!!

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yes, the clock works also in the background, if you set the property TimerAlwaysFires to true
however if the countdown reaches 0 in the background, you will not be able to start something else, for example to start playing a sound or similar, this is oly possible in the foreground…


(Deep Prajapati) #4

You are Right…But I set TimeAlwaysFires False…

(Ldinka Karsina) #5

Now you try your own app. start - press start. come out - wipe the data and the time starts from the beginning.

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #6

So what’s the point of this timer when it doesn’t or can’t do anything when it reaches 0


(Deep Prajapati) #7

I am store time in tiny DB & when app’s Open I call Now time in Milliseconds and compare it with store time…When it is => Play sound or Anything…

(walya_express) #8

Brother tutorial video is already available.

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(Deep Prajapati) #9

But I made it own self

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(walya_express) #10

Good work…:blush:

(Deep Prajapati) #11

Thanks…Can you help me in Publish My app on Play Store…& I am also your Subscriber

(Boban Stojmenovic) #12

Yes after you have asked for this or looked at some videos, tutorials etc.

Anyway the only thing your app does is count down and nothing more

When you are able to execute some stuff when it reaches 0 then it will be worth paying for


(Cian) #13

Which people would pay alot for because that is not possible in AI systems right now

(Boban Stojmenovic) #14

Yeah I know :star_struck:


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(Deep Prajapati) #15

Any can set up Daily limit in app…& It also shows Remaining Time…

(manshi manshi) #16

send me a link
about always fire timer

(Deep Prajapati) #18

what your meaning…