Counter Extension [FREE]

This extension allows you to count with Direct blocks to count and compare rather than long logics
You can also set a target so that if fires event when the target is reached.
It makes your work simple

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this Extension.



Demo Blocks


AIX - com.atomdeveloper.Counter.aix (5.5 KB)


So many extensions in a single day

Awwsum 3 extensions in a day ! :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot @Ansh_Anand @Tekwizer

Awesome work

Your extensions are always great @Atom_Developer :+1:

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You need to give some examples of blocks thanks

Agreguen un ejemplo porfavor :slight_smile:

Done :+1:t2:


Thanks @Soham_Shah and @Mohamed_Tamer
this time it was a simple extension to make work easy :blush:


I’m not understanding the use of this extension… Can you please tell me what is the use of this extension

It is just to do counting things directly which reduces counting work by 2x

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If Counter.SetEventForCounts is not specified, this event is triggered if the counts parameter has the value -1.

Does this really make sence?

Maybe I want to count from 10 to -10 or -5 to 5 or …

I have set it’s default value to -1

Then just set it,if it is not set then event block is also of no use

Another useful extension.

Two new blocks added to the extension.


IMO it’s better to just use variables and shared preferences. Plus what’s the need of importing an extension that’s doing the same thing except with an event which you can make with a procedure?

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Thanks a lot!

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