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Hello my name is Rachit Srivastava I am not that Pro in kodular I want to make coupon code system in my shopping app that I can change it dynamically from firebase or any database I also want that when a user applies specific coupon code the value detects of the same voucher code like if I set “newuser” as a coupon code and I want that if a user enters “newuser” as coupon code the value should be deducted by 35% else if user enters any other coupon code money should be deducted off my choosed percentage on every specific voucher code !! help me

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  1. I edited your title. Your title should say what your question is about.
    How to ask a question?

  2. Show what you did yourself instead of asking for a complete solution.

  3. Why is it urgent? This was stated in the title.
    Sometimes you just have to be patient. And else you may have to find someone who developes it for you for money. We have a market category.

srry about that

A few other questions that would help in determining a good way to do that are:
Are you tracking user info on Firebase as well?
Are the users only allowed to use each coupon once?
Is “newuser” only available for a limited time after sign up?

All those questions (and probably more) would need to be considered in designing the system you are trying to impliment.

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Q 2 - Are the users only allowed to use each coupon once?

Yes, As user pays for membership after sign up !! each coupon can only redeemed by a user only once !

Q 3 - Is “newuser” only available for a limited time after sign up?

Yes, if a user’s membership expires once, and he wants to renew it, he should be not able apply the same voucher code again and again !!

My recommendation is to also track User info outside the app then. That way you can store sign-up date, whether they are eligible for the newuser discount, and which coupon codes they have used. If you don’t store that information outside of the app it will be much easier to game the system IMHO and delete the app data to reset everything.

A general rule in the community is to try it yourself before you ask for help, but I think pointing you in a direction could be useful to start.

using MYSQL for it !!! thanks for replying !!

Let us know if you have any issues, we can try to help.

HI there,
You can achieve coupon code system by creating two list in your database(maybe firebase)… this list would function as
:point_right: Used coupon
:point_right: unused coupon, when you successfully fetched thelse lists to your app then you can use the is in list block​:wink: