CPU with few threads vs CPU with many threads

Hello my friends!

Some of my applications are very slow in the block editor, these are applications with many blocks, I currently have a processor with few cores (4 cores 4 threads), if I change this processor to a processor with more cores and more threads, kodular will work faster?

No, once you build a apk then it work fine in all android device. Builder lags on low end pc because too much block in screen.

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maybe yes, but collapse blocks to reduce the amount of open blocks. I’m using a dual core/dual thread with 1000+ blocks and working very well.

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One of my projects has 16000 blocks on 10 screens, the heaviest screen has 5000 blocks. Although the blocks collapse, the movement is slow. My old 2-core, 4-thread processor didn’t have the ability to move this project, it would get stuck. My current processor does move it, a little slow at times, but I want to add functions to the application and I must add more blocks, and the block editor will move slower. However, the windows task manager shows that the CPU is used 50% maximum, not 100%, on all the processors I have used.

My question is this: does Kodular always use 50% of the CPU or does it always use 2 cores or two threads of the CPU?

If Kodular always uses half the CPU, a more powerful processor with many threads is better.

If Kodular always uses two cores or two threads, a very powerful processor with few cores and few threads is better.

Its not kodular problem, its browser trying to not use 100% of you sistem and lag everythig. Maybe using another browser may solve you problem, current i’m using firefox and edge.

This is insane lol, maybe its time to optimize and reduce your amount of blocks

Threads normaly is better for multi tasking, maybe wont do a big diference.

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