Crashable - Useless but deadly

(Nathan) #1


If you add this to your app, don’t forget to remove the blocks from any other connected blocks as this will cause frustration to your users.

This extension will create a StackOverflow error or even a Runtime Exception. It can be used to test how long your app may unfreeze from a StackOverflow which can tell you how much space your app uses at times, to unload and load assets. On the other hand is the Runtime Exception, this will crash your app completely depending on your Android NDK and SDK. This may be useless, but it’ll help with certain things and sometimes can prank your friends :wink: I also forgot to mention that I came up with this at random, I was bored and had no intention but, to try making my own extension :slightly_smiling_face:


Hover over the blocks to get a full description. Then use these by using the Do It command in the Context Menu or you can use these connecting to any other block.

ml.meteorcoder.crashable.aix (5.0 KB)


If you’d like to give me suggestions about what other types of crashes I can add, let me know.

Introducing Wait (It's not what you think)
(Daniel) #2

Well that’s the thing I would only need in my apps. Thank you, Master! I’ll use it in every of my apps :joy:
Actually, it seems you learned Java, so congrats again!

(Nathan) #3

Thanks lol, it’s great so that you can earn (useless) “bug” reports for your app, enjoy!

There will be an update in a few hours that should fix the Exception on Runtime error not correctly working in the companion.

(Daniel) #4

But maybe there can be a “real” use of this. For example, I can imagine that someone makes a paid app and uploads a “hacked” version of it to websites. The “hacked” version still works with registering, but after logging it, it just starts crashing with this extension. Then the users who have not paid for it will ask why it crashes, and the app creator just can say like “well dude that’s not my fault, maybe you shouldn’t download it illegally” This is also good for watching illegal users.

(Sander Jochems) #5

I really dont like this extension, because it will send invalid crashes to Google Play or Fabric

(Nathan) #6

Thanks for supporting it :roll_eyes:

(Sander Jochems) #7

I just that this isnt the right way to test something. You should use logs in case of testing your app

(Nathan) #8

Yes but not everyone can see a log and know the error.