Create a daily gift sort of thing

I was thinking it can be done like this -
fetch today’s date
save in tinydb
then next day check whether the date is of tomorrow.
But i wasn’t able to think of a way to do the 3rd step.

Pls write a solution for this problem

Technically you can set it to
once claimed
fetch today’s date
save in tinydb
if user try to claim again check if value in tiny db matches today’s date. if it matches it means the gift is claimed before and deny it


But I also need that for day 2, can you tell about that.

I mean date 2 and after

Welcome !
Did You search in comunnity about This ?
Just 6 minutes reading in the community. There are many topics… Have you tried searching or doing it yourself?

1-Develop your idea
2-Decide which Kodular component + external resource you should use.
3-Search about them.
4-Create the blocks.
4-Test them.
If there are problems , post .


Ohk new to community you should add a better title first to make it a visible topic btw I am making a demo for you till then wait

Here you go aia
DailyCheckInExample.aia (SOME KBS :laughing: )
It has pre installed extension and blocks which may help you


Hi, thanks but give me something without extension pls

Yay but it’s very intense code and can be modified so this extension is till than best I could find

okay, thanks