Create a feed like twitter

How to uploadHow to create an application posting without extension?

pls ask query in a easy manner


there are default components in kodular
to work if you need i will give you a example .aia file
for learning to upload posts

I deleted your other account on the community. You can only have one.

Did You search in comunnity :mag: ?

Maybe you should start with something easier at first.

  1. Try the Dynamic Components Extension. Learn how create a Schematic and to design your Feed dynamically.

  2. Take your first steps with a Online Database, like Firebase Database or Airtable.

  3. To upload Photos you can use Cloudinary.

You have to take it step by step. Try it in the order I said and don’t worry if you need you create a whole new Project at some point.

Read some Guids on these things here in the Community.

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