Create a list with data of database

Hello, I would like to create a list with several elements containing a title (with the name of the product, retrieved from the database) and a subtitle (with the expiration date of the product, retrieved from the database). Moreover, we can click on these elements to have more information (containing text and image). How can we do this because the extensions “Custom List View” and “Expandable List View” do not allow to do this.

Have you created your custom list view using dynamic component extension?

No, it’s the same problem you can’t click on a element of the list and have more information. There are other solutions ?

I need to create a “custom list view” in an “expandable list view”. Is this possible?

I am not sure and havenot tried like that yet. just try and let us know if problem persists


Questions and support about DeepHost’s extensions aren’t allowed in the community and from your image I see you are using one of his extensions

Why It’s not autorised ?

Since he doesn’t provide support for his extensions we advise users not to use them and as I already mentioned questions about his extensions aren’t allowed here. If you wish you could always contact the developer.

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ok but if some people want to help me, I will be happy :slight_smile:

See here for how to set the blocks for your expandable listview

There is an aia link there as well, you may need to run it on Appinventor

Note that the selection indexing begins at 0 and not 1.